Recommendations for who want to buy real estate in Istanbul

Istanbul is attractive for investors for many reasons. In a stable demand for real estate here is due to historical value, developed infrastructure, and a favorable climate. How to approach the selection and purchase of real estate Istanbul, given the large number of options? To understand this will help briefly review the features and selection criteria, real estate in the region.

A unique city, located on two continents, is the largest metropolis in the country. It is considered the center of the economic, cultural and financial world. There is very popular for buying a property from economy class to luxury, expensive options.


Acquisition of real estate Istanbul involves communication with such intermediary organizations as the firm-developer and real estate agency.

In the case of a direct deal, you can get in touch directly with the developer or the owner of the housing, if it comes to the secondary market. In each of these cases, it is important to pay attention to the reputation of the seller (or intermediary), opinions about him, opinions of specialists.